mandag 12. januar 2009

Mark Capanni -The guy behind "I believe in miracles"

Here are two of my favourite soul singles. Marc Capanni is an italian born singer who only made theese two singles in the middle of the 70's. He deserves more attention as he's the guy behind "I believe in miracles", later recorded by the Jackson Sisters. I first heard it at my friends place and I just knew that I had to get it.

First track, "If life was a ferris wheel" is kinda nice, with an Jose Feliciano wibe to it. Nice mellow blue eyed soul.

Marc Capanni - I life was a ferris wheel (Capitol 1975)
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I really dig this one, killer blue eyed soul! It's written by Mr .Capanni and Bobby Taylor.

Marc Capanni - I believe in Miracles (Capitol Promo 1974)
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